My payment keeps getting failed. What’s the problem?

Aiswarya snehjith

Last Update 6 months ago

These reasons usually happen when making payments through your credit/debit card. The Card payments have been declined and no specific error message was given, this usually means that your credit card has insufficient funds to complete the payment, or that the credit card has been deactivated. Please also be sure to enter all of the card details correctly, especially the card number and expiration date. Currently, mcubes accepts the payments in multiple currencies, so if you find any issue like this, try to make the payments in USD for solving the issue.

If you find that there is no balance in your account to make a payment, don't worry your order won't get canceled and you can retry making the payment any time you need. You can also recharge your amount to your account wallet to make cardless payments for your future purchases. All the payments made through mcubes are secured with PCI-DSS Security.

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