I haven't received my order yet, what to do?

Aiswarya snehjith

Last Update 6 months ago

However, we cannot guarantee that the shipments will receive within a time frame. All the packages shipped from mcubes are based on working days except Sunday & other national holidays. Delays usually happen with international shipments for a variety of reasons. All the packages will be get cleared at the customs of the origin-destination airport. Not only is there much more distance to cover, but there are also government agencies that sometimes inspect the goods before they enter the country, which can add to the total shipping time. Also, while rare, lost or confiscated shipments are a possibility. There’s often not much we can do but wait out the delay. 

All orders are placed my mcubes will be shipped out within 2 working days and tracking will be active once our career ships the package. mcubes will send emails regularly about the current status of your orders on both email and mobile. So please make sure that your contact information is correct.

The transit time is shown in the cart and the checkout page is gave based on the information we received from our logistic partner. If you couldn't find any solutions just leave us a message and our team will assist to find a solution. As mcubes provides a secure refund solution, you don't have to worry about the payments. If you haven't received the order, we will provide the settlement back to your bank account within 5-7 days.

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